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MANAGING AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE TECHNICIAN, a unique individual with a the combined skills of a Service Manager and a Lead Technician will be the foundation in building a national chain.

Job Description
We are looking for an EXPERIENCED Managing Automotive Service Technician in a high volume service center, who can bring an immediate, positive impact to our store. You will be dealing with customers, preparing job estimates, and performing service work. Excellent communication skills are important to service managers. They must be able to interpret customers’ descriptions of their vehicle problems and translate those into clear instructions for service technicians. Service managers require good diagnostic skills to identify service requirements and assess the work of other technicians. They also require excellent customer service skills to deal with any customer concerns or complaints.


Two years successful management experience preferred.
Skills desired include but are not limited to:
Leadership and motivational ability
Time management
Organizational skills
Training, coaching and counseling skills
Strong verbal and written communication skills.
Great attitude, work ethic, and the desire to provide outstanding customer service.
Ability to multi-task and work in a fast-paced environment.
Mathematical and analytical skills necessary to budget forecast and evaluate sales and profit performance. Possession of a valid motor vehicle driver’s license.

Key Qualifications:
 Minimum of ten year experience in the maintenance and repair of automotive and mechanical equipment as an automotive mechanic – Experience in various makes and models preferred: Mercedes-BMW-Porsche-Audi-Nissan-Toyota-Honda-GM-Ford-Hyundai
 Motorized equipment repair, maintenance and testing;
 Lift 50 pounds or more;
 Perform a broad range of automotive repairs;
 Organize assignments to meet work requirements;
 Communicate orally in person in a one-to-one or group setting;
 Methods, materials, equipment and operation of general automotive and mechanical repair shops;
 The characteristics and maintenance needs of a wide variety of automotive products &
 Safety practices and principles;
 Work cooperatively with other company employees;
 This is strenuous work requiring good corrected vision, hearing, balancing, stooping, kneeling, reaching and lifting;

Key Responsibilities
 Performs all repairs and services;
 Participates in the repair and reconditioning of automobiles and trucks;
 Participates in assembling and repairing cars and trucks;
 Maintains accurate work records;
 Performs inspections of completed repairs to ensure thorough and quality of repair and suitability of vehicle for return to service;
 Demonstrates continuous effort to improve operations, decrease turnaround times, streamline
 Processes, and work cooperatively and jointly to provide quality seamless customer service;

 Great Pay plan
 A guarantee of 40hrs/week
 Advancement Opportunities
 Equal opportunity employer

Alignment Technician Job Description, An Alignment Technician is responsible for the safe operation of aligning all the newly mounted tires and wheels on a customer’s vehicle. You are not responsible for replacing any alignment parts but you are required to adjust them as a requirement of performing your wheel alignment. If you see any faulty parts or improper wear you are required to immediately report this to your supervisor so that they may inform the customer of your appraisal. The Alignment Technician must also be able to perform all Tire Technician responsibilities. These duties include the dismounting, mounting, handling scrap (or take-off-tires) and balancing of all tires sold. General job functions include driving a customers vehicle onto the alignment machine, adequately securing the vehicle prior to performing any alignment. Once secure you can perform your alignment. Once alignment is complete you must re-secure all related parts and remove vehicle off alignment machine safely. An Alignment Technician must have the desire to perform above and beyond the requirements set forth in this job description.Requirements

Job Qualifications:

Prior knowledge of tire related equipment and tools a plus
Valid Drivers License

Education Requirements:

High School diploma or equivalent
Essential Job Functions:

Properly secure vehicle to lift/alignment machine to ensure safe operation
Properly align vehicle as per company specifications
Properly dismount and remount tires and wheels securely on vehicle
Properly dismount and remount tires onto wheels without damaging either
Operate all related equipment and tools as trained
Operate independently and as a team member
Perform and demonstrate Customer Service Satisfaction
Operate safely and perform as listed below
Customer Relations
Fulfill Company Philosophy and Goals
Non-Essential Job Functions:

Assist in performing Inventory Control Accurately
Paperwork — any and all related requirements
Housekeeping, maintained daily.

Safety Requirements:

Perform all safety related items as per the Employee Safety Manual
Learn and maintain all lifting procedures
Learn and maintain all general housekeeping and ensure daily performance
Report all accidents and incidents immediately upon them taking place to your direct supervisor

Weight Requirements:

Lift a minimum of forty-five (45) pounds
Perform repeated and repetitive movement consistent within the tire industry

Other Duties/Responsibilities:

Other duties can and will arise and you should be prepared to take on these challenges openly.

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